You can take advantage of the proximity of Padua to Venice for visiting the most beautiful and famous “city on the water” (here we suggest you some group tours to explore Venice and its sorroundings).
Moreover, Padua and Venice are very well linked with bus services and trains, so you can reach it very easily.


With just a short trip around the city of Padua you can cover 2.000 years of history.
The Roman era has left extensive signs in the city, while the Scrovegni Chapel and the impressive municipal Palazzo della Ragione, which is still used for public events, date back to the Middle Ages (between 1200 and 1300).


Padua today is a bustling and thriving city at a strategic point along the line connecting Venice, Florence and Rome and halfway between the two international airports of Marco Polo in Venice and Catullo in Verona.
Look how to reach Venice from Padua in only 30 minutes.